Sacramento Ad Club – AAF – I Love The Addys!!!

Like Ohmigod….we were like,  totally so sure this was gonna be the most rad bitchin’ party EVER….AND WE WERE RIGHT!!!

Flix In Motion provided all the entertainment and FUN for the American Advertising Awards for the before and after party.  We pulled out all the stops for this event with all three of our unique event experiences.  Guests were invited to step behind a bigger-then-life television prop aside Prince, E.T and Gizmo to have their 7-seconds of FAME in their Animated FlipBook….Next they could MobiSnap a pic and print it out or go hit up our Digital Graffiti Wall to “tag” themselves with some 80’s flare. Thanks so much to the Sac Ad Club for having us out! Can’t wait for the next event with you guys!!