Flix In Motion is ALIVE!!!

We are so excited to share our new adventure with all of our family and friends…

Flix In Motion was started as a Photo Event Company to bring FUN and entertainment to all types of shindigs. Our goal is to make every party come to life and to be able to share that memorable moment in a keepsake!

Currently we have three Experiences available for your party…


Flipbooks are a 7-second video that’s transformed into a 60 page motion picture at your fingertips. We take a 10ft x 10ft space and turn it into your very own FlipBook Studio…

Guests step into the studio with props, accessories and signs and have their 7-seconds of fame. After they like what they see on screen, we then print, cut and bind the book within a few minutes! Its all done ON SITE at your event!

Digital Graffiti Wall

Our Graffiti wall is just that…a wall you can graffiti on…but there’s more fun to it! Your photo gets uploaded onto our 10ft x 7ft – then you can spray paint using our digital spray cans with many different colors, brushes and stencils. Once you have completed your masterpiece, we then print it out!

PS… we are the ONLY Digital Graffiti Wall East of the Bay!


MobiSnap is a photobooth from the future! Its #Hashtag and Social Media capabilities make it unlike any photo “booth” you have ever seen! Photos can be uploaded from ANY smartphone with Twitter or Instagram and immediately printed out at the MobiSnap Kiosk. Open Air photos can also be snapped AT the Kiosk and printed, emailed or uploaded to Facebook or Twitter!

We are so excited to grow this company and hope you love it as much as we do!!!

Please check out our website for more info on all of our experiences…and don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter!!