Parker’s Bat Mitzvah

What a special day for a special young lady…

I always love the Mitzvah’s…such a fun way to celebrate a child becoming a young adult!!

Parker’s friends and family joined in the celebration at the wonderful Scott’s Seafood Restaurant on the waterfront at Oaklands Jack London Square.  The party was Mardi Gras themed, and it was clear when you walked in the room!  Upon entry stood an over-sized photo of Parker with a signable frame–adorned with Mardi Gras masks, all the tables had themed mask centerpieces and over the dance floor were GIANT Mardi Gras masks.  Flix In Motion truly had the best view in the house–right next to the windows on the waterfront…GORGEOUS!  Throughout the night we had a blast making FlipBooks and #hashtag photos with MobiSnap…we made over 160 books in 3 hours!

flix in motion, mitzvah

Can’t wait for the next party!!!  BIG things on the horizon for Flix In Motion!!!