SuperBooth – Interactive Photo Experience

The Superbooth will surpass your expectations and go above and beyond meeting all your private and corporate event needs.  SuperBooth can provide customized photographers and templates based on your brand, location, activity, and/or spokesperson/mascot. Once the guest selects their photographer and template, the photo-shoot begins!

 Jumbo 6×8 Printouts

High Energy Sound Track
6 to 9 Shots taken
Large display for viewing
Social Media Features
Custom Designed Print
Interactive & Endless FUN!!     



Choose from an entertaining cast of virtual photographers, pick your printout style and get ready for your photo shoot! Our revolutionary “photo-tainment” based technology creates an interactive and exciting experience for your guests. Do you have your own celebrity, character, mascot, animation or idea? Super Booths can cast, direct and produce your very own “photo-tainment” video specific to your company or corporate sponsor’s campaign/message.

DanceHeads – Northern California 

Flix in Motion - DanceHeads with email social sharing - Northern Calinfornia - Sacramento - Bay Area - San Francisco - Reno - Lake Tahoe - Reno


Our photographer takes photos of your guest with your customized

branded watermark or overlay.

These photos can then be shared over social media, emailed or texted during your event.

Take the photo customization to the next level and add-in these features:

Multiple sharing sharing stations or live slideshow

Digital painting, writing and customized digital props

Instant on-site printing

Data capture, customize survey and branded event photo landing page



Green Screen Photography

Change the background and apply a digital overlay to anything you want on your photo.  Utilizing the latest in digital green screen technology, we can transform your guests to any location or put them in any setting you desire.

Create a beautiful beach background for all of your wedding guests or have a rock star stage at your next Mitzvah.  The customization is a great way to let your creativity make your photo experience unique and your very own.

Green Screen Photography is a great way to Activate a Brand or promote an event with a tangible takeaway.

Interactive Green Screen PhotographyBlack and White Photos - Flix in Motion

Flix in Motion - Interactive green screen photo marketing

Animated GIFs

We take a series of photos and instantly create them into a animated GIF to share during your event.  Great way to get creative and fun!

Customize the artwork and background anyway you want.

Share the GIF with our sharing station and print the photos from the GIF as a 2 x 6 strip, 4 x 6 photo and other custom options!

Example GIF below….

Social Media - Flix in Motion