Flipbooks during Ovarian Cancer Reseach Fund (OCRF) in Los Angeles

Created Flipbooks during this year #OCRF #Supersaturday in Los Angeles.  Please learn more about OCRF at the website

File Jun 06, 8 36 47 AMOCRF | Supersaturday | Los Angeles

Activation your brand with our Flipbooks!!

Flipbooks is a fantastic way to activate your brand for any event.  Creating the 60 page photo book on site within minutes for your guest for any type of event.

Bacardi | Flipbooks | Las Vegas

Brand Activation with flipbooks and the digital graffiti wall at your next convention or Tradeshow!

Started off the convention with a Digital Graffiti Wall party and spent a few days with  Paxata providing a Flipbook experience.  Looking forward to our next event!

Photo Graffiti Wall - Bay Area Animated Flipbooks - Bay Area - Tradeshow



Hash photo printing can help bring your branding experience to the next level of FUN!

Started off the year with a Awesome hashtag photo experience.  We can help bring your event to a whole new level of FUN with all your photos that are uploaded to Instagram with your event hashtag.

Mobisnap - Hashtag photo experience - Sacramento


Final events of the year of 2014 with flipbbooks-superbooth-photo graffiti wall

Finishing off the year with back to back  Flipook – Digital Graffiti Wall and Superbooth events..  Looking forward to next year already!


Superbooth-Los Angeles Superbooth-Photo Graffiti Wall-San Francisco

Flipbooks – Digital Graffiti Wall – Superbooth in full effect during the month of November!

Superbooth – Flipbooks and our Digital Graffiti Wall is out almost every single weekend for the month of Novemeber!  Staying busy creating and capturing those memories of a life time for all of our events…

Digital Graffiti Wall - Los Angeles -Flix in Motion Flipbooks - San Francisco - Flix in Motion Los Angeles - Flipbook Wedding Superbooth - Las Vegas -Flix in Motion

Superbooth events from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the month of October!

Superbooth has been a BIG hit for Flix in Motion for the month of October.  Citi Bank and Smashbox Cosmetics finished offed the year with us.

Bringing your photo booth experience to the next level with

-Digital branding opportunities

-Customized branded wall wrap

-Data collection

-Custom designed 6 x 8 photo takeaway..



Superbooth - Los Angeles